KOI - 1845.02 is a mysterious planet that was discovered by the UNSC. This planet was occupied by a species called the Ypoulos, another species associated with The Covenant.

This planet is a swampy planet, with a view of Saturn in the sky. This planet is 798.5 light years away from Earth, and the surface temprature is from 20 degrees to 50 degrees, making it hot place. It has a population of 4.5 billion. Some other Covenant species have landed on this planet.


As the fierce battle on Earth ended, the UNSC survivors discovered an odd planet called KOI - 1845.02. As they travelled throughout this mysterious planet, they then discovered that KOI - 1845.02 was assosiated with The Covenant when they encountered a mass amount of Wraiths and AA guns, and Kig - Yar looking creatures that occupied the whole area. The UNSC nicknamed this planet the "Swamp of the Aggresive" due to its large portion of swamp lakes and deadly creatures lurking it's creeks.

The YpoulosEdit

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The Ypoulos are Kig - Yar - like looking creatures with Sangheili - like legs, creatures that jump very swiftly, and creatures who have occupied the whole planet, KOI -- 1845.02. The Ypoulos' only ranks are Minor and a Champion. These creatures are nicknamed, "Stalkers" (most common).